KIZUNA is a badminton goods company that set up in 2014 with the intention to spread the high-quality badminton strings of MADE IN JAPAN that already has been proven and accepted by many professional players in JAPAN. The brand named as KIZUNA in order to value that connection and have made a small contribution to the reconstruction support of the Great East Japan Earthquake.  Although, it is a new product that has been appeared in Thailand Badminton Market by the sole distributor of KIZUNA JAPAN {Sports Legends.co.ltd} is still receive the good thumbs up from different academy’s professional players and coaches. Sports Legends will be going to spread out the KIZUNA String with development capabilities that make use of the mobility of a new company and contribute to the development of badminton industry in Thailand. The mission of KIZUNA is implements precise production management for each string and provided a high repulsion power and high durability to bring out the comfortable feeling to all the badminton players .


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